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The oil press Hacienda Ortigosa


The oil press Hacienda Ortigosa was founded in Viana, Spain, in 2005. Each year it produces a total of 300,000 litres of single variety oil from the arbequina olive and has a storage capacity of over 1,200,000 litres.

In pursuit of perfection for obtaining a delicious fruit, we combine three key factors: Man, nature and technology.

Nature shares its wealth. A soil and a favorable climate for the olive grove.

Best of the ancient techniques joins with the latest technologies to ensure the unmistakable flavor of our oils.

The organoleptic properties of the Arbequina oil qualify it both for raw consumption, as in stews and fries.


The origin of the Hacienda Ortigosa extra virgin olive oil can be found in the olive groves cared for by experts who look to previous generations for their knowledge, who collect the olives in optimum maturity.

A fresh, fruity olive, which is green when picked early in the season and yellow-green colouring, grassy, with “body”, with a clean herbal aroma. As the olive matures the oil acquires a stronger yellow colouring, and a softer, sweeter flavour.

The Arbequina oil is very similar to other varieties grown in regions bordering the Mediterranean.

The flavour and the aroma are unique.
This oil is for lovers of exotic and sensory flavors. It has an almond flavour, slightly sweet and very pleasant, with no trace of bitterness or acidic. Its aroma is reminiscent of wild fruits and orchard fruits.


Guided tours of the Hacienda Ortigosa Oil Press are available.
These visits conclude with a tasting in the dining room.
The visits to the Oil press will be on weekends and for groups of minimum 10 people.
To arrange a guided visit please contact us via:
· Telephone: +34 948 646 550.
· E-mail: trujal@haciendaortigosa.com.