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We are known for our single variety extra virgin oil from the Arbequina olive.
It is a select variety and is highly valued in the industry for its properties and characteristics.


Each year we produce a total of 300,000 litres of single variety extra virgin olive oil from the Arbequina olive and we have a storage capacity of 1,200,000 l.
With a total of 270 hectares, with pavilions for machinery and more than 350,000 olive trees where the olives are harvested for oil.


This system allows the fertilization of olive trees through irrigation and electronic control of all irrigation sectors (any abnormality is detected immediately for further correction and allows optimal olive cultivation).


The quality is so important in the oil that we sacrifice a greater yield of olives for higher quality in the oil extracted from them. They are harvested early for getting a higher quality and more intense aroma.


We are autonomous in all stages of the production. We collect, transport and grind the olives, we extract its oil, store and bottle it. All this is done by ourselves. These features give us great flexibility in oil production and quick response to our customers.


The use of high-capacity machines and advanced technology, the proximity of the olive groves to the mill and autonomy in the process, reduce the time from harvest to oil extraction, being always less than 12 hours. This facilitates the conservation of the properties of the olives in perfect condition, avoiding the rusting, which provides our oil that unmistakable taste and smell.


We count with high technology harvester machines, tools for the care of the fields, means of transportation for the olive, machinery for the extraction of oil, an acclimatized winery and inerted tanks, which allow us to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.


The extraction of our extra virgin olive oil is made in cold conditions, at a maximum temperature of 27 degrees. This allows us to extract only extra virgin olive oil retaining all its properties, providing the oil its flavor, scent and appearance characteristical and unique.


We carry out product quality checks at all stages of production. To this end, we carry out various tests in our own laboratory to verify the optimal conditions, from harvesting to the finished product for consumption. This allows us to know the acidity of the olive olive, the greasy yield of the olive and its moisture content.


A large range of formats are available to satisfy the needs of our clients.